Hackathon Notes

Which chain should I use?

2 chains are available, feel free to use any chain as needed.

Do I need to set Access Control?

For Hackathon chains no - anyone can deploy.

Do I need sFUEL?

Yes, you and any users will need sFUEL to deploy. Please use the faucet to grab free sFUEL. Enter the endpoint you are using and an address and click Get sFUEL.


How do I use filestorage?

An uploader to filestorage will first need to reserve Space. Please use the faucet to reserve space by entering the endpoint you are using and the address of the uploader and click reserve Space.

RNG Endpoint

How do I use that RNG Endpoint?

See here: https://docs.skale.network/skaled/3.14.x/random-number-generator

IMA Bridge

How do I use the bridge?

Bridge ABIs for Hackathon chains are located here: https://github.com/skalenetwork/skale-network/tree/master/releases/eth-nyc

How is the Hackathon bridge configured?

IMA Bridge for Hackathons have the whitelist enabled and automatic deployment is turned on. This means that you will not need to manually map tokens. As soon as tokens are deposited, a basic clone will be created on your chain.

There are several limits to using automatic deployment. When using this method: