Submitting Chain Metadata

SKALE Chain owners are encouraged to submit metadata specifying chain details to the skale-network community repo, as well as submitting to other services such as &

Submitting to skale-network

  1. Fork the skale-network community repo:

  2. Append your chain data to metadata  mainnet  chains.json, for example:

    "elated-tan-skat": {                   // pre-defined name
        "alias": "Europa Hub",             // branded chain name (required)
        "background": "#02001f",           // background color (required)
        "category": "apps",                // category: apps | games (required)
        "url": "",   // url for dapp (optional)
        "minSfuelWei": "27000000000000",   // minimum allowed sFUEL (optional)
        "faucetUrl": "", // chain faucet URL (optional)
        "description": "Gasless Trading, Yield Farms, and NFT Boosts" // description (optional)
  3. Upload a png (only png!) containing your chain logo to metadata  mainnet  logos  pre-defined-skale-chain-name.png.

  4. Submit a PR and include any additional context if needed.

Example Result

network submission

Submitting to Chainlist/Ethereum-lists

  1. Fork the ethereum-lists repo:

  2. Append your chain data by creating a json filename being the CAIP-2 representation as name and .json ans extension. For example if the chain ID is 2046399126, then the filename should be eip155-2046399126.json. An example showing Europa Hub is presented below:

      "name": "Europa Hub",
      "chain": "EUROPA",
      "network": "mainnet",
      "rpc": [
      "faucets": [],
      "nativeCurrency": {
        "name": "sFUEL",
        "symbol": "sFUEL",
        "decimals": 18
      "infoURL": "",
      "shortName": "ruby-exchange",
      "chainId": 2046399126,
      "networkId": 2046399126,
      "explorers": [{
        "name": "blockscout",
        "url": "",
        "icon": "blockscout",
        "standard": "EIP3091"
  3. Submit a PR.