depositERC721 depositERC721(string schainName, address erc721OnMainnet, uint256 tokenId) external

Allows msg.sender to send ERC721 token from mainnet to schain.


  • Receiver contract should be defined.

  • msg.sender should approve their token for DepositBoxERC721 address.

postMessage postMessage(bytes32 schainHash, address sender, bytes data) → address external

Allows MessageProxyForMainnet contract to execute transferring ERC721 token from schain to mainnet.


  • Schain from which the tokens came should not be killed.

  • Sender contract should be defined and schain name cannot be Mainnet.

  • DepositBoxERC721 contract should own token.

gasPayer gasPayer(bytes32 schainHash, address sender, bytes data) → address external

addERC721TokenByOwner addERC721TokenByOwner(string schainName, address erc721OnMainnet) external

Allows Schain owner to add an ERC721 token to DepositBoxERC721.

Emits an ERC721TokenAdded event.


  • Schain should not be killed.

  • Only owner of the schain able to run function.

getFunds getFunds(string schainName, address erc721OnMainnet, address receiver, uint256 tokenId) external

Allows Schain owner to return each user their tokens. The Schain owner decides which tokens to send to which address, since the contract on mainnet does not store information about which tokens belong to whom.


  • DepositBoxERC721 contract should own such token.

getSchainToERC721 getSchainToERC721(string schainName, address erc721OnMainnet) → bool external

Should return true if token was added by Schain owner or automatically added after sending to schain if whitelist was turned off.

initialize initialize(contract IContractManager contractManagerOfSkaleManagerValue, contract Linker linkerValue, contract MessageProxyForMainnet messageProxyValue) public

Creates a new DepositBoxERC721 contract.

ERC721TokenAdded ERC721TokenAdded(string schainName, address contractOnMainnet) event

Emitted when token is mapped in DepositBoxERC721.

ERC721TokenReady ERC721TokenReady(address contractOnMainnet, uint256 tokenId) event

Emitted when token is received by DepositBox and is ready to be cloned or transferred on SKALE chain.