onlyRegistrar onlyRegistrar() modifier

Modifier to make a function callable only if caller is granted with REGISTRAR_ROLE.

initialize initialize(contract IMessageProxyForSchain newMessageProxyAddress, address linker) external

Register new token manager.


registerTokenManager registerTokenManager(contract ITokenManager newTokenManager) external

removeTokenManager removeTokenManager(contract ITokenManager tokenManagerAddress) external

Cancel registration of token manager.


connectSchain connectSchain(string schainName) external

Register new SKALE chain.


  • Function caller has to be granted with REGISTRAR_ROLE.

  • Direct messaging between SKALE chains must be allowed.

  • Amount of token managers on target SKALE chain must be equal to the amount on current one.

disconnectSchain disconnectSchain(string schainName) external

Cancel registration of linked SKALE chain.


hasTokenManager hasTokenManager(contract ITokenManager tokenManager) → bool external

Check if TokenManager is registered in IMA.

hasSchain hasSchain(string schainName) → bool connected external

Check if SKALE chain with name {schainName} is registered in IMA.