Basics of SKALE Network

SKALE Network & What it does

The SKALE is an Ethereum native multichain network of high-performance blockchains. The network is open-source and is built to scale Ethereum dApps. The Network enables dApp developers to access validator-operated nodes' compute power and storage to run fast, containerized, EVM-compatible SKALE Chains. Validators run and maintain SKALE Nodes, providing distributed computing power and storage to the SKALE Network.

The entire SKALE Network is managed by SKALE Manager which is a set of over 35 smart contracts deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. These contracts control network functions such as chain creation, validator registration, node selection, node rotation, staking, bounty payment, slashing, and more. Network users such as validators, delegators, and dApp Developers exchange SKALE (SKL) tokens to provide stake and access network services.

The SKALE validator community represents over 45 independent operators running over 150 nodes, and the SKALE Mainnet has been live for over 300 days without interruption. Checkout the current stats.

With SKALE, dApps run zero-cost transactions on a Proof-of-Stake chain distributed across a randomly chosen set of 16 nodes, each running a containerized EVM. SKALE chains can exchange transactions or messages with other SKALE Chains and Ethereum-based networks, allowing dApp developers to use SKALE for powering their dApps while enabling token and message transfers to and from Ethereum or other chains.

SKALE Network uses a unique combination of technologies and cryptographic-based approaches to achieve scalability, security, interoperability, and progressive decentralization:

Technology Impact

Pooled Validation Proof-of-Stake

Scalable security model across validators and delegators

Hybrid container architecture

Agile allocation of on-demand composable compute resources across the network

Threshold Cryptography

Supermajority signature signing with ABBA consensus supports Byzantine Fault Tolerance and resolves data-availability issues

Trusted-Execution Environment

Fast block signing and multiple chain support using threshold cryptography

Asynchronous Binary Byzantine Agreement (ABBA) Consensus

Mathematically provable, fast-finality, leaderless, and Byzantine fault tolerant

Ethereum Network

Public, open-source, and decentralized operation of the SKALE Network via SKALE Manager contracts

Tools & Compatibility

SKALE Network is designed to work with all Ethereum compatible tools such as API-based wallets and monitoring and analytics.

Get Access

If you don’t have a SKALE Chain yet, you can get started with:

Still not sure how to get started? Then head over to the Beginner’s guide or reach out to the SKALE Network developer community on Discord.

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