initialize initialize() external

setContractsAddress setContractsAddress(string contractsName, address newContractsAddress) external

Allows the Owner to add contract to mapping of contract addresses.

Emits a ContractUpgraded event.


  • New address is non-zero.

  • Contract is not already added.

  • Contract address contains code.

getDelegationPeriodManager getDelegationPeriodManager() → address external

Returns contract address.


  • Contract must exist.

getBounty getBounty() → address external

getValidatorService getValidatorService() → address external

getTimeHelpers getTimeHelpers() → address external

getConstantsHolder getConstantsHolder() → address external

getSkaleToken getSkaleToken() → address external

getTokenState getTokenState() → address external

getPunisher getPunisher() → address external

getContract getContract(string name) → address contractAddress public

ContractUpgraded ContractUpgraded(string contractsName, address contractsAddress) event

Emitted when contract is upgraded.