This contract handles all delegation offerings. Delegations are held for a specified period (months), and different durations can have different returns or stakeMultiplier. Currently, only delegation periods can be added.


setDelegationPeriod setDelegationPeriod(uint256 monthsCount, uint256 stakeMultiplier) external

Allows the Owner to create a new available delegation period and stake multiplier in the network.

Emits a DelegationPeriodWasSet event.

isDelegationPeriodAllowed isDelegationPeriodAllowed(uint256 monthsCount) → bool external

Checks whether given delegation period is allowed.

initialize initialize(address contractsAddress) public

Initial delegation period and multiplier settings.

DelegationPeriodWasSet DelegationPeriodWasSet(uint256 length, uint256 stakeMultiplier) event

Emitted when a new delegation period is specified.