How to Vote on SKALE DAO Proposals

SKALE DAO and Governance is early in its launch process and this document may change frequently as feedback is captured.

As a SKL token delegator, your participation and active contribution to the voting process of the SKALE DAO plays an important role in guiding the SKALE network. This guide offers insights on navigating through different stages of a proposal and voting process.

Initial Proposal Submission Stage

Proposals are introduced on the SKALE Network forum for comprehensive community dialogues and debates. A Snapshot poll often accompanies these submissions, providing a quantitative measure of the active SKALE delegator community’s sentiment towards a proposal.

  1. Access the SKALE Network forum.

  2. Identify the proposal that you are interested in and carefully review the details and associated discussions.

  3. Share your opinions and contribute to the dialogue, shaping the proposal’s future.

Proposal Voting Stage

Each proposal submission on the forum may include a Snapshot poll link, enabling you to cast your vote:

  1. Visit SKALE DAO’s Snapshot space.

  2. Connect your wallet. If you are using an escrow, connect the wallet associated with your escrow. If you are a validator, connect with your validator wallet

    1. if you are using SGX for validator wallet - please follow the instructions here.

  3. In your browser, navigate to the Snapshot and find the proposal you wish to vote on (or use the Snapshot link from the forum submission).

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions within the Snapshot interface to cast your vote.