When attempting a transaction on the SKALE Chain, why do I receive an error message about balance and gas?

Ensure that the msg.sender has sufficient sFUEL on the SKALE Chain. Users attempting transactions on the SKALE Chain will need some sFUEL to conduct transactions. Remember sFUEL has no value, and is distributed by the SKALE Chain owner to permit users to conduct transactions. When transactions are "mined" by users, the sFUEL gets redistributed to the SKALE Chain owner account. Conducting a getBalance call on the SKALE chain endpoint user’s account will return the sFUEL balance. To display locked ETH, use one of the Informational Ports of the endpoint to return a user’s ETH.

I can’t seem to conduct an exit, and I receive a "Recipient must be active" revert message.

Ensure that the end user has provided ETH to the CommunityPool contract. This is required for safe exits to Ethereum. Also be sure that the end-user has not hit the exit IMA rate limit.