API Distribution

The following will walk you through setting up a server to distribute sFUEL for your application.


  • A basic understanding of programming

  • A basic understanding of using a command prompt/terminal

  • Node.js installed on your computer

  • An Ethereum Private Key (not your primary)

  • About 10-15 minutes


Create Project Folder

Open up your terminal and start by cloning the Github Repo

In order to create a project using Node.js and NPM. You can verify that you have Node.js installed by running:

node -v

You should see a number such as 18.12.0 OR a response saying that the command node is not recognized. If you see the former, continue, else head over to the Node.js website and install Node.js on your computer.

Once you have Node installed, proceed to the project creation.

git clone -b starter-api-distribution-nodejs https://github.com/skalenetwork/recipes.git

Install Dependencies

Run the following in your terminal to install the project dependencies

yarn install
You can run the command above without the -y (yes) flag. If you choose to run without this flag, you will be prompted to fill out all the fields.

Add Environment Variables

Run the following in your terminal

cp .env.example .env

Add an Ethereum private key to your .env file and change the RPC to match your SKALE Chain. The default RPC_URL is set to the Chaos Testnet.

Run the API

To run the API locally and autoreload when changes occur, run:

yarn dev

To run the API without autoreload, run:

yarn start