Mainnet Beta

SKALE Network is live on mainnet with over 20 SKALE Chains! You can check out the current network statistics here:

About the current Beta status:

  • Bugs may still exist on the SKALE Network. The SKALE community has taken every precaution to ensure a stable and secure experience. This includes performing audits by multiple independent firms, including ConsenSys Diligence, Quantstamp, Code4rena, and Oak Security, and supporting bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs. Developers are encouraged to be vigilant in working with SKALE and reporting any issues. Your feedback is crucial to improving the Network and creating a more reliable experience for all users. Users should carefully evaluate their decision to use SKALE network and how much value to entrust into dApps on the Network.

  • SKALE Network is open source, and the community prioritizes transparency and community-driven development. Like Ethereum and other public networks, SKALE Network users should be wary of scams and rugs. Please do your due diligence and be cautious when engaging in any activity on the SKALE Network. Use only official links!

Getting Started