Fuji Move to Goerli

This page is a guide how to connect a testnet node to Goerli.

Initially testnet node was connected to test SKALE Network which was connected to Rinkeby, which became outdated in October 2022. It is a perfect opportunity to combine validators testnet and dapp testnet into one test SKALE Network infrastructure which connected to Goerli.

Node requirements for validators:

  • Please follow this guide to connect your node to a new SKALE Testnet

  • Run only ONE node(if you had more than 1 nodes please move only one and turn off the others)

1. Prune node data

Please run following commands on the node machine to cleanup the old testnet data:

Turn-off SKALE node on current machine

skale node turn-off --yes

Cleanup artifacts(Run these commands one-by-one)

systemctl disable docker-lvmpy

umount /mnt/schains-shared-space

lvremove -f schains

vgremove -f schains

rm -r .skale

2. Setup a node

Please follow the updated Setup process doc to setup a node connected to connected to Goerli.


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