SKALE Developer Recipes

Learn how to build on SKALE (and by default in Web3). The SKALE Recipes can and should be used by both beginners and experts to quickly start building on SKALE.

Getting Started

Welcome to the SKALE Network Recipes! If you made it here you are probably ready to build something new, or maybe just exploring Web3 for the first time. Whatever the reason, this is the right place to be. Checkout the links below if you are new to either SKALE or Web3 in general OR skip to the SKALE Developer Intro

SKALE Developer Intro

If you have made it to this section then you are prepared to build on a SKALE Chain. Make sure to read the following bullet points, this is informated created specifically to help you avoid issues down the road:

  • There is not just one (1) SKALE Chain, but many SKALE Chains. You can see all of the chains live on Mainnet at

  • SKALE Network has an ERC-777 (ERC-20 Compatible) token on the Ethereum Mainnet. This token is NOT used for gas on SKALE Chains.

  • SKALE Chains use SKALE Fuel (or sFUEL). sFUEL is provided to SKALE Chain owners and is given to users when using dApps. Do NOT use msg.value in your smart contracts as a way to take valued payment. Read more about sFUEL here

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