The SKALE Hubs

What is a SKALE Hub?

A SKALE Hub is a SKALE Chain designated for use by a specific group of projects or for use by projects in a particular category or industry. An example of a hub is the Nebula Gaming Hub, designated as a chain for gaming-related projects. Hubs represent a shared compute environment for projects that do not need all the resources that come with an individual SKALE Chain.

The Importance of Hubs

SKALE Chains are very powerful. Most projects will not need the total resources of a SKALE Chain. However, they can still benefit from the power of SKALE by joining a SKALE hub. Hubs leverage a shared compute model similar to traditional cloud computing. For example, many projects use shared servers when using popular cloud providers, as they do not need a whole server. However, as projects grow, they may need dedicated resources as they scale up to their server. SKALE enables projects to build in a similar style where upon outgrowing a chain, they can migrate to their own.

Active Hubs

The following are the hubs available on the SKALE Network. Each hub is controlled by various teams in the developer community and represent a location for applications building in the same space to operate and share resources.

Community Hub | Titan

The Titan Community Hub is a SKALE chain that focuses on offering projects focused on building communities to have a place to operate without the full need of a SKALE Chain. Projects that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Projects

  • Decentralized Services

  • Oracle or Information Based Projects

  • Projects unrelated to DeFI, Gaming, or NFTs can also build on Titan

DeFI Hub | Europa

The Europa DeFi Hub is a SKALE Chain that offers a number of benefits to the SKALE ecosystem. It’s primary purpose is to offer projects building in the Decentralized Finance space to have a place to utilize shared compute within the SKALE Network. However, the Europa Hub also solves a key issue that is naturally inherited by a multi-chain network — Liquidity Fragmentation. Read about how the Ruby.Exchange team spearheaded the solution to Liquidity Fragmentation here. Projects that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

  • Lending and Borrowing

  • Derivatives

Gaming Hub | Nebula

The Nebula Gaming Hub is a SKALE Chain focused on supporting the fast-growing gaming ecosystem on the SKALE Network. With SKALE’s Zero Gas Fees, the Nebula Gaming Hub enables projects deployed on other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based chains to quickly and easily migrate to a zero-cost gas environment, opening up the door to invisible gaming experiences for their existing communities. Additionally, traditional gaming projects can lean on Nebula for their first foray into Web3 by utilizing the blockchain for in-game assets and provable ownership without harming the UX of their game. Projects that fit into this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Browser Games

  • Desktop Games

  • Mobile Games

  • Web3 Games

NFT Hub | Calypso

The Calypso NFT Hub is a SKALE chain that enables creators and projects created Non-Fungible Token based applications in a gas-free manner. Additionally, projects building on dedicated SKALE Chains can utilize Calypso for NFT related utilities such as NFT Marketplaces without having to build their own. Projects that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Creators

  • Games launching in-game digital assets

  • Marketplaces

Open Testnet | Chaos

Chaos Testnet is the only free-to-deploy chain in the network between both Mainnet and Testnet. This chain enables developers of any kind, level of experience, or project type to quickly and easily begin building on the SKALE Network. The Chaos Testnet operates and offers the same features as all the other SKALE Chains in the network do with one key change — anybody can deploy a smart contract as long as they have sFUEL. SKALE Chains are permissive by nature, and every chain within the network is gated expect for Chaos. Get started building on SKALE in minutes with the Open Testnet, Chaos. Any project is welcome to build on this chain.