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What is a SKALE Hub?

A SKALE Hub is a SKALE Chain designated for use by a specific group of projects or for use by projects in a particular category or industry. An example of a hub is the Nebula Gaming Hub, designated as a chain for gaming-related projects. Hubs represent a shared compute environment for projects that do not need all the resources that come with an individual SKALE Chain.


The Calypso NFT Hub is a SKALE chain that enables creators and projects created Non-Fungible Token based applications in a gas-free manner. Additionally, projects building on dedicated SKALE Chains can utilize Calypso for NFT related utilities such as NFT Marketplaces without having to build their own. Projects that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Creators

  • Games launching in-game digital assets

  • Marketplaces