sFUEL Distribution

Distributing sFUEL to users is an important part of building on SKALE. Whether creating an invisible experience or an application designed for Web3 natives; sFUEL distribution is one of the keys to success. sFUEL can be distributed in a number of ways to various end users, however, there are a number of options which have consistently been yielded the best results.

Distribution Options

The following are the two most common distribution options found within the SKALE Ecosystem.

API Distribution

The API distribution method is a great starting point for applications migrating from a traditional background, or for decentralized applications that cater toward more traditional audiences.

Learn how to setup an API Distribution Service.

Proof of Work + sFUEL Distribution Contract

The PoW + sFUEL Distribution contract is the recommended and most common way to distribute sFUEL and handle user onboarding. This is the process used behind the scenes for the community run sFUEL Station. This is a multi-step process that requires a smart contract to be deployed on a SKALE Chain (if on a dedicated chain - hubs already have them), and then setup Proof of Work on the client.

To succesfully implement this, it helps to understand Proof of Work and what is occuring. If you are already comfortable with this concept, click here to learn about implementing this in your dApp.