Open Testnet | Chaos

What is a SKALE Hub?

A SKALE Hub is a SKALE Chain designated for use by a specific group of projects or for use by projects in a particular category or industry. An example of a hub is the Nebula Gaming Hub, designated as a chain for gaming-related projects. Hubs represent a shared compute environment for projects that do not need all the resources that come with an individual SKALE Chain.


Chaos Testnet is the only free-to-deploy chain in the network between both Mainnet and Testnet. This chain enables developers of any kind, level of experience, or project type to quickly and easily begin building on the SKALE Network. The Chaos Testnet operates and offers the same features as all the other SKALE Chains in the network do with one key change — anybody can deploy a smart contract as long as they have sFUEL. SKALE Chains are permissive by nature, and every chain within the network is gated expect for Chaos. Get started building on SKALE in minutes with the Open Testnet, Chaos. Any project is welcome to build on this chain.