Getting Started with The Graph

You can use The Graph indexing protocol to create subgraphs on SKALE Chain data. You can reach out to the Graph community to request a Graph node, or you may run your own Graph node. These instructions assume you are using a Testnet or Mainnet SKALE Chain and are running your own graph node.

For proper compatibility, you must point a Graph node to a SKALE Archive node.
  1. Install Prerequisites

    • docker

    • docker-compose

    • nodejs

    • npm

    • yarn

    • truffle

  2. Get a SKALE Endpoint

    Follow instructions here to access the SKALE Chaos Testnet endpoint OR use your your own dedicated or hub chain as available.

  3. Configure a Graph Node

    git clone
    cd graph-node/docker

    Then modify the docker-compose.yml file:

    ethereum: 'skale:http://host.docker.internal:15000' (1)
          - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway" (2)
    1 Replace with your SKALE Chain endpoint if not using the SKALE-IMA-SDK.
    2 Add this if using host.docker.internal on a Linux machine.
  4. Start the Graph Node

    docker-compose up -d

    To follow the container output, run docker logs docker_graph-node_1 --follow

  5. Prepare the Subgraph test

    In another terminal on the same machine, execute:

    git clone
    cd se-integrations/graph-protocol/

    Modify the .env file.

    1 You will add the contract address in step 7.
  6. Deploy Test contract

    npm install
    truffle compile
    truffle migrate
  7. Add deployed MyToken Contract address to subgraph.yaml

      - kind: ethereum/contract
        name: MyToken
        network: skale (1)
          address: 'CONTRACT_ADDRESS' (2)
          abi: MyToken
    1 Change from mainnet to skale to match docker-compose.yml in graph-node.
    2 Replace with deployed contract address.
  8. Add deployed MyToken contract address to .env file

  9. Execute yarn

    yarn && yarn codegen
  10. Create local Subgraph

    yarn create-local

    Expected output:

    Created subgraph: skaleToken
    Done in 1.04s.

    Expected output in Graph-node container:

    Dec 17 23:18:38.892 INFO Received subgraph_create request, params: SubgraphCreateParams { name: SubgraphName("skaleToken") }, component: JsonRpcServer
  11. Deploy to Local

    yarn deploy-local
  12. Verify graph-node terminal

    Expected output in graph-node container:

    graph-node_1  | Apr 23 20:20:58.952 INFO Scanning blocks [0, 0], range_size: 1, subgraph_id: QmbWZiRDpGb95WkA1QH8UM3wsUMZeBmr6ZW2UJaMtGZADB, component: SubgraphInstanceManager > BlockStream
  13. Execute graph test

    truffle test --network skale test/myToken.test.forgraph.js

    Expected output:

        ✓ In the test (237ms)
      1 passing (242ms)
  14. Execute token test

    truffle test --network skale test/myToken.test.js


      ✓ enough account balance
      ✓ deploys a contract
      ✓ has a default token value (1042ms)
      ✓ can update token value (1042ms)
    4 passing (3s)
  15. Check your GraphQL:

  16. Perform a test query:

      myTokens(orderBy: tokenValue, orderDirection: asc) {

    Expected output:

      "data": {
        "myTokens": [
            "id": "0x2",
            "owner": "..."