Third-Party Tools

SKALE is EVM — Ethereum Virtual Machine — compatible, meaning that many of the existing tools in the Web3 space are compatible out of the box with SKALE. Below are a few platforms and tools that can help developers build quickly and efficiently when building on SKALE.


Cookbook is an open-source smart contract marketplace that allows developers to quickly find, deploy, and integrate hundreds of popular smart contracts quickly and easily. Cookbook has integrations with tools such as Remix and Visual Studio Code, making it quick and straightforward for developers to begin deploying smart contracts to SKALE.

Currently, Cookbook has direct support for five (5) SKALE Testnet Chains — Calypso, Chaos, Europa, Nebula, and Titan; while also allowing other testnet chains and SKALE Mainnet chains to be used through their connection to Chainlist.

Remix IDE

Remix IDE is a browser-based IDE — Integrated Developer Environment — that enables developers to get up and running with Solidity smart contract development quickly. With a library of plugins, access to several popular templates, and the ability to deploy and interact with contracts right from the browser, Remix has become one of Solidity developers' most popular starting points.


Truffle is a suite of developer tools that can aid in building, testing, and using solidity smart contracts. One of the most battle-tested suites, developers can trust that using the SKALE Truffle Box can get them building on SKALE without any friction.